mardi 11 mars 2014


Cholesterol and Statins: Sham Science and Bad Medicine


This is the new book of Michel De Lorgeril, available on Kindle.

This is the english version of " Cholesterol, lies and propaganda".

He said that the book is more wide, less centered on our "french example". This is a major thema, because millions of people take statins.

The fantastic marketing of LIPITOR and the huge governemental campaign "Know your numbers" make everybody concerned with his "cholesterol".

But cholesterol is innocent in this story, a victim of a marketing worthing billions and billions of dollars.

A vital molecule is made the villain of a stupid story, by a bench of scientists paid by the industries or just following the mainstream.

All the scientists are not corrupted. Most of them are just trusting the system. And the medical system is under the control of the industries. The circle is closed.

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